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    Wear-resistant ceramic silo

      Silo ceramic lining: the wear-resistant ceramic is 92% alumina wear-resistant ceramic lining. The rubber layer before and after construction has no warpage, peeling, degumming, poor joints, etc., and there are no pores or clips in the bonded parts Defects such as tightening, separation, degumming, etc., fully meet the quality standards required by customers. Before construction, clean the surface of the steel plate to remove impurities, dust and rust, so that the surface of the steel plate has a metallic color. Then according to the specific size of the coal hopper and ceramic specifications, set out and cut. After completing these preliminary tasks, the wear-resistant ceramic liner can be adhered.

      Use a spatula to apply the prepared glue evenly to the steel plate and wear-resistant ceramic liner for gluing, and move it in one direction to ensure that there is no shortage of glue, no leakage of glue, no foam, and no accumulation. Then, according to the actual situation of the ceramic paste, the ceramic is modified and cut twice to try to achieve the smallest gap and the smoothest surface. After , the wear-resistant ceramic liner is welded to the steel plate, covered with a ceramic cover and fixed with glue.

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