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    Ceramic roller coating

      SK wear-resistant rollers are the current domestic low-cost, cost-effective roller belt conveyor rollers and idlers are the core spare parts of the system, due to the defects of the roller overcoating, resulting in degumming, slipping, and wear-out. It directly causes a significant increase in labor intensity and maintenance costs of workers, and a reduction in production efficiency. Seriously, it will also cause production safety and quality accidents.

      There are usually problems: The belt conveyor rollers are degummed, slipped, and worn!

      The belt roller bearing is stuck and fails, and the tube skin is worn!

      Common solutions:

      First, the use of vulcanized rubber to increase friction and wear resistance (rubber is not wear-resistant, need to be over-coated)

    Second, the method of sticking or vulcanizing ceramic sheets is used to increase the wear resistance of the drum (belt tension and friction on the surface of the drum will form a strong peeling force. The peeling force can easily tear the ceramic sheet from the rubber, and the actual service life Not long, it also needs to be encapsulated repeatedly).

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